Swell looking SOLID for the Shootout!

Right on schedule, the surf forecast is calling for a significant WNW swell to bombard the point at Steamer Lane starting Friday!

Friday the 16th we start to see the results of the dropping trough.  New WNW-NW  (270-310) swell mix is expected to pick up through the day, bringing stand out breaks into the range of overhead to DOH+ by the end of the day. 

Saturday the 17th as the stormy weather continues, WNW-NW swell mix continues to build, bringing wave heights from a couple feet overhead to possibly TOH at stand out breaks.  Swell looks messy though, and the exposed coast is going to be getting hammered by strong winds.

Sunday the 18th Size continues to hold in the range of a couple feet overhead to DOH+ and TOH at stand out breaks.  

As was the case in 2011, along with the swell, the forecast is calling for a strong storm system to invade Santa Cruz this weekend! With the wind predicted to be blowing out of the NW, the conditions at Steamer Lane should be favorable. However… competitors at Saturday’s 2nd Annual Surf & Sand Duel-athlon could be facing somewhat similar conditions as last years event! “It was gnarly, you’re dodging seals and [dealing with] five foot wind bumps… it was great when you were coming in and going downwind but once you turned around it was 25 mph of wind and nature working against you.” Matt Becker, 2011 Surftech Surf & Sand Duel-athlon champion.

“I think everybody out there was a champion for completing that race.” Candice Appleby, 2011 Surftech Surf & Sand Duel-athlon women’s champion.

So you have to ask yourself, are you up for the challenge? The Elite race is only 6 miles long… but it’s an ANGRY 6 miles! Over 40 competitors took on the challenge last year. This year we’re expecting twice that many SUP lunatics looking to face their fears and battle the conditions and sea life for the sweet taste of accomplishment as they run across the finish line.

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